Arizona Nature Aquatics is an independently owned and operated tropical aquatics store run by lifelong enthusiasts. We are dedicated to providing cutting edge products and customer education, information, and guidance unmatched by any other aquatic retailer in Tucson. Both beginners and expert hobbyists will be inspired by their visual and educational experience at Arizona Nature Aquatics.

We stock a variety of aquarium supplies including:

  • The highest quality foods
  • Superior filtration systems and pumps
  • Innovative energy saving LED aquarium lighting systems
  • A full line of water conditioning products and fish medications
  • Low waste reverse osmosis water
  • C02 equipment for planted aquariums
  • The most unique selection of aquarium decor
  • In demand and hard to find stone and gravel selection
  • Malaysian Driftwood and Japanese Rose Wood

We specialize in:

  • An exotic offering of tropical fish and invertebrates
  • The widest selection of aquatic plants in Arizona
  • Inventive and space saving nano-aquariums
  • Custom sized aquariums
  • Versatile and sleek indoor/outdoor water features