I found Product X cheaper online than at your store. Why is that?

We encourage our customers to point out whenever they notice a significant price difference between ANA and another business (be it a store or a website). We realize that the Internet is a very common avenue for people to shop and think it’s realistic for you to want to find the best price. We are open to investigating if we can find a more inexpensive source for a product and pass that savings on to our customers. We have been very lucky to have been able to keep our prices in line with what is found on the internet more times than not.

That being said, most websites that sell aquarium supplies do not have the overhead that a retail store has. We maintain a retail space where you can come and look at what you are buying. We wade through the thousands of aquarium products available and hand select and stock the highest value and highest quality choices available.

We provide a place where you can actually touch and feel all the various aquarium industry products and we specialize in showing you HOW and WHEN to use various products, often providing demonstrations. Additionally we are here to answer follow up questions and to support you after you purchase something to make certain that it really works for you. Additionally for the majority of our products we offer a one year in store hassle free warranty.

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