Why are Arizona Nature Aquatics' fish healthier?

We start with the best sources

During our more than 20 years in the aquatics business, we've cultivated relationships with some of the best tropical fish breeders, hatcheries, and exporters all over the world. Each time we receive a shipment from a supplier, it is given a letter grade to make sure that over time we are ordering from the best suppliers possible.

We take extra steps to ensure you are getting the best

Fish are shipped into stores from all over the world in all kinds of conditions. Many times they arrive stressed from their travels. When our new fish come in, we get them acclimated to their new home, feed them the best foods, and give them some much needed time to recover before we ever make them available for purchase. Many times this process can last from one to two weeks. Only when we are sure that they are strong and healthy do we recommend them to our customers for purchase. Our aquarium system’s water is passed through a UV Sterilization process that kills any external parasites. Moreover, we never use tap water. Our reverse osmosis water is buffered to either maintain an acidic ph or brought up to more alkaline conditions, depending on what the fish requires.

We maintain our aquariums  

When we are not helping customers we are doing in store tank maintenance, checking pH, doing water changes and feeding our fish. We think you will agree that we have the cleanest, healthiest display and stock aquariums in Arizona.

Our fish eat like kings

At Arizona Nature Aquatics we feed an almost exclusive diet of fresh and frozen foods. Bloodworms, PE Mysis shrimp, and Daphnia are staples. We feed fresh greens, veggies, and high quality algae wafers as well. We target feed all bottom feeders to make sure they are getting the same high nutrition as the fish that swim above them. We are highly educated in the matters of fish nutrition and fully realize that different fishes eat a wide variety of foods. You can be sure that your fish dined on nothing but the best while it was living here. At Arizona Nature Aquatics we feed no live foods. This ensures you are not getting a fish that has been exposed to parasites or other pathogens and that the fish is accustomed to eating a frozen or dry diet when you buy them.