Why don't you keep your bettas in cups?

In the wild, Bettas inhabit areas that are quite small. These “territories” serve the fish well as they are outfitted with lung-like air sacks that allow them to breath surface air. This is why you commonly see them kept in much smaller containers than other fish at stores.  What isn’t taken into account is that in the wild, the water is constantly free of waste like ammonia and nitrite. When in the cups, the water is always in a state of degradation, which is harmful for the fish. Just because Bettas CAN be kept this way does not mean they SHOULD be. At Arizona Nature Aquatics we do things a bit differently for our Bettas. First, we never subject them to the harmful by-products that tap water can bring. We keep them in much larger spaces than what is usually seen and the water is changed out regularly. Next we add an extract of almond leaf, which is known to have beneficial properties for fishes like Bettas. Beyond this, the water they live in is filtered and heated to optimal temperatures. We provide the Bettas with nutrient rich foods like worms, small insects, and high quality pellets. You can be assured that the Bettas found in our shop are the healthiest and happiest you will find.

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