Why don't you sell goldfish bowls?

You’ve seen the picture a hundred times: a goldfish swimming around in a glass bowl.  You may even know someone who is keeping a goldfish this way. Even now, we still get customers that believe this is fine because they know of a fish that appeared to be healthy in this kind of environment.

We choose to promote options for keeping goldfish that are more sustainable and humane than a goldfish bowl. Most goldfish, especially the ones that are sold inexpensively, can grow quite large and produce a lot of waste. The limited volume and surface area of most goldfish bowls make for a miserable environment for the fish. More times than not, the fish is quite literally swimming around in a heavy concentration of its own urine, burning it’s gills and causing a very shortened lifespan.

Whether you are thinking about a goldfish bowl for budget, space or aesthetic reasons, we specialize in solutions that will meet those needs and also make a much happier home for your goldfish.

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